Digital Signage Webinar

We would like to invite you to our Digital Signage Webinar.

Our Digital Signage application is the ideal tool to get your message across quickly and easily via displays.

Communicate visually and powerfully with your visitors or employees.

The need to visualize business information, live data and news has become very important in the day-to-day operation and communication within your organization.

With our signage solution you can easily update, change and manage your displays in single and/or multiple locations.

Optimize your internal and external communication with a powerful narrowcasting system.

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Download our brand new Digital Signage leaflet

We've created a brand new leaflet of our Digital Signage solution.
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Visitor Management System

Visitors can register or check out via desktop, tablet or touch kiosk, with or without a printed personalized badge. When checking in, the visitor must enter his personal details, which employee(s), the arrival and departure time, if applicable, number plate, etc. 

Checking out is easy by entering their name or by scanning the badge. 

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