Visitors registration software -webapp touch

Via a tablet or our  22-inch touch kiosk visitors can register and print a personalized badge with barcode. Upon check-in, the visitor must provide his personal details, which employee (s), the arrival and departure time, license plate, .... Checking out can be done easily by entering a code or by scanning out the badge.
»Welcome and info pages.
»Checking in / registering and registering the visitor (s)
»Communication with visitor
»Automation registration with internal employee (s) via mail
»Printable badge with barcode
»Communication of info (privacy, security, ...)
»Logout / Check out via barcode scanner
»Visitors administration and management
»Visit history and reporting

Fast, efficient and secure visitor registration

 Professional and customer-friendly reception
Targeted information and communication on arrival
Hands on user interface in your house style
Easy registration visitor (s)
Direct notification arrival tot he employee (s)
Simple registration of the visits
Personalized printable badges
Meets various standards (ISO, GDPR, ...)
Communication of all kinds of regulations (safety, ...,)
Respect for the privacy of your company and your visitors

Optimization administration

 Real time overview and history of visitors
Possibility to distinguish between customers, suppliers, ...
Easy filter possibility on visits, ..
Extensive reporting possible

User-friendly application

In the Cloud management platform
Easy parameterization (pages, emails, ....)
Easy management of employees, visitors
Additional info pages can be added