Digital Signage Applications for Business, showrooms, retail, healthcare, hotels, stadiums, convention, seminars ...

The Digital Signage software module is a very efficient way to communicate with clients, visitors, patients or employees. Through an unlimited number of screens (monitors, TV’s, tablets, interactive kiosks, video walls,…) you can manage and share all types of content within your organisation. Television, internet, multimedia applications or software… Enjoy unlimited features!

This software consists of two parts: a front-end user portal and a back-end administration panel, suited for both Digital Signage and IPTV. That makes it the ideal system for narrowcasting in companies, hotels, restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals or rest-homes.

Through a user friendly interface you can easily implement, manage and share personalized and general information from internal and external sources (local software, MySQL databases, RSS feeds or Outlook calenders,…).

This state-of-the-art Multimedia Software Universe, developed by ANT Systems, is a dynamic and flexible content management system (CMS) that combines IPTV functionalities like live TV, live video, recording, VOD, internet, multimedia and Digital Signage applications. This web-based platform has an open architecture and was built modular.That means we can fully adjust the system according to your specific needs.

Digital Signage