What is digital TV

Analog TV is gone! The remaining analog TV viewers will soon be forced to switch to digital TV. The so-called analog switch-off will put a final point behind the analog era. Yet TV distribution is still possible with the same infrastructure: the coax cable. From the moment that interactivity is added, we talk about iDIGITALE TV (interactive Digital TV).
Digital channels can be transmitted via cross modulation, while end users only need to have a TV with built-in DVB-T tuner. There is no additional decoder needed.

Trans modulation thus offers a number of very interesting advantages:

  • The installation cost is limited
  • It is still possible to offer HD TV

A wide range of international broadcasts can be watched using satellite or antenna. The "headend" receives and distributes the signal to different TVs. It is placed in a common area. Thus, the owner himself decides on the package of channels.

Digital TV